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Bash at the Beach Announcement

This year’s venue currently has 32 teams in the passing tournament and 50+ linemen teams competing at Morro Bay High School on Friday and Saturday June 20th-21st.  I am excited about the level of competition that is attending, but more so, this event provides an excellent opportunity for team building activities/discussions.  For teams that are using our facilities to offset overnight costs, there are a number of details that I want to address before you arrive.  Please adhere to the following camping “rules” so that we can continue offering you our site in reducing costs.
*Beach access; I strongly discourage letting players “wonder” off on their own to check out the ocean (surf).  I recommend at least one coach/adult at all times if heading to the beach (300 yards away).  There is an endangered bird area that is marked with warning signs so please do not enter those areas.  Park Rangers will issue citations for violators.  Absolutely no bonfires on the beach; again Park Rangers will visit you. 
*Camping sites will be pre-assigned.  Please bring tents, sleeping bags, chairs, etc.
*A maximum of two vehicles (cars/trucks) will be allowed/site.  All motorhomes must park on the east side of campus.
*Fires are prohibited at all times.
*Security officers will be patrolling the school grounds overnight.
*Secure your personal belongings at all times (I recommend locking all personal items in camping vehicle).
*Please police your own trash (trash cans/dumpsters will be located nearby).
*Port-a-potties will be located near camping sites but school bathrooms will be locked during the night.
*Showers will be accessible following Friday night’s games.
*Concessions will be open following the passing tournament so players, coaches, and parents will have access to food and drink.
*Immediately after the linemen dodge ball tournament, there will be a mandatory coaches’ meeting (west field) with my administrator whom will discuss the night’s expectations.  All head coaches are expected to be present.  Also, there will be a bonfire to highlight the evening around 9pm.
*Due to the size of the tournament this year, seating will be limited so we recommend that your spectators and parents bring their own lawn chairs.
Jack Greer
MBHS Head Football Coach